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Elicina Body Lotion

Elicina Body Lotion regenerates the skin of your whole body thanks to our already well-known snail "Helix Aspersa Müller's" extract. Elicina Body Lotion contains 50% snail extract, the other 50% are purely moisturizers, emollients and humectants, with a soft scent that leaves your skin with a fresh sensation after each application, making you feel already more beautiful :)

Elicina Body Lotion:

* Helps relieve skin irritations, wounds and/or burns caused by any type of hair removal (laser, wax). It fights ingrown hairs thanks to skin exfoliation and regeneration due to the natural properties of the snail extract. (More information about the snail´s extraxt properties HERE ).

* Helps relieve and regenerate sun damaged skin tissue, burns, wounds, minor cuts, age and sunspots. Great to apply after a day at the beach or after long sun light exposure. Even in winter skin dries out very fast, so you can really use it all year around.

* Ideal for people with dry flaky skin, due to its regenerating properties, skin looks more radiant, elastic and healthy.

* Great for pregnant women that want to prevent stretch marks during their pregnancy.

For queloids, scars, wounds, grafts, and stretch marks (Please read about the stages of stretch marks HERE ), we suggest to use the ELICINA cream or Plus (40 grs), due to their higher concentration of snail extract ( 80%).

On the other hand Elicina Body Lotion provides the same beneficial results as the 40 grs. creams, although it will not work as fast, but it contains much more product to use on your whole body in a very economical packaging of 300ml.

Continue to enjoy the exclusive products of Elicina and become one of the fortunate people to experiment first hand the real benefits that are provided by the inventors and creators of the Snail Cream.

Way of Use:

BODY: Apply Elicina Body Lotion twice or more times a day depending on how much moisture your skin needs on clean skin in a moderate amount.

It doesn’t stain your skin if exposed to sunlight nor clothes. It doesn’t contain colorants. It absorbs easily. No need to massage into skin, just apply like any other cream and it will be enough for it to be working on your skin.

NOTE: *Elicina Body Lotion is for all types of skin and ages. *Elicina Body Lotion can be used on pregnant women or those who are nursing.

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